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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 30, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> breaking news at 6:00. late clearing track work after the holiday weekend. good news in to share. we'll have that for you in a second. .> >> scuffle in the state house law make nrerz texas fight each other in fallout of sanctuary cities. >> and tiger woods apologizing offering up an explanation for dui arrest and said alcohol had nothing to do with it. golf star blaming it on something else. >> good morning to you i'm holly morris in for allison seymour. >> and same teev steve. >> if are you waking up this morning let's take a live look outside. doesn't look too bad right now. but might be wet stuff headed our way. >> might be the key on that. >> let's get a quick look at warm and traffic. >> cloud cover drizzle out there steve and perhaps thunderstorms
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i'll have details on the weather. erin. >> a lot of fog causing visibility problems in maryland and you can see we're seeing delays right now picking up 95 southbound from earlier crash big problems bwp southbound and another crash back i 159 steering clear of those problems. take a look in the district as well: big problem on metro. >> live at the for the totten with the update. bob what's going on. >> holly, steve this was not part of safe track. between gallaudet and fort totten behind the freight strain stopped here we seen metro train headed north. they say expect residual deys
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we're told no more shuttle bus service but there's metro buses providing service to catholic u, brookland and rhode island avenue and that's gap of red line affected from here at for the catholic rhode island and gallaudet and they had shuttle bus service and people were taking them to different stops. metro advised people to take the green line. you can get that here all the way to gallery place and pick up the red line. now they're telling us rail service has been restored and we have northbound trains so far and no reason why this csx train which went slowly northbound as it was going through the station is now come to stop here. we don't know what that track issue is but there's a freight train suck here and red line service on the rail has been rescored according to metro. >> thanks, very much. formal dic
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formal dictator of panama d died. his death closes a chapter in panama history he later served a 17 year drug sentence in the united states and he was taken to panama to take out a brain tumor and had hemorrhage. >> a popular ice cream shop sxwlotion central baghdad. the explosion killed 15 people and injured two dozen others. muslims fast during the daylight hours and after sundown kavr as i fill up and breaking this morning word of another car bombing at the iraqi capital. this latest killing 12 people. >> cameras rolling as scuffle broke out br behind lawmakers. sanctuary cities
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row turned a. representatives pushed and yelled at each other after one say he protested. there was a threat made from representative rinaldi to put a bullet in one of my colleague's heads. >> if we have a special session is convenienting only topics i choose for time of choosing. >> greg abbott signed a bill during a facebook live appearance earlier this month. >> 7:04 new details of murder of man at a spring hotel. who people are under arrest retaliation style attack after a drug deal gone bad. reuben ortiz and shan a cox assaulted sulmain shallow and in the parking lot of days hotel and shallow and friends robbed ortiz of cash and sh shoes. after returning shoes shallow
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robbed. he later died. cox and/or tease face armed robbery and murder charge. >> memorial day a busy within for d.c. police. there were three shootings in a three hour span. more than 40 shots before fired in the neighborhood q street northwest and thankfully nobody injured there and shootings near a deadly mass shooting that happened over the weekend and it's still unknown if those two incident are keingted. >> two hours of sunshine yesterday. >> people got to the pools? >> yes. >> and we're going backwards again. clouds move in overnight. >> not a washout. >> not a washout now. maybe later today. thunderstorms depend on sunshine we get. mostly cloudy. p looking at the numbers. 63. that's my way of temperatures. 63 reagan national and dulles as well. and 59 in baltimore.
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bwi marshall. looking at satellite picture clouds everywhere here and again some drizzle across the areas. rather dreary out there. what can we expect today cold front north and west pressing into the region here. won't arrive until tonight. as it get closer we should start to break up this marry time layer that developed overnight. i think we'll get late morning sunshine and perhaps afternoon sunshine and that will help encourage scattered later today. daytime high0s and in the 70s with cloud cover and again we could see scatter the thunderstorms this afternoon. widely scattered. 77 later today. keep umbrella in case. 7 day he got a lot of that kind of look on it. >> all right. >> all right. >> okay? >> okay. >> pat of the weekend. >> keeps going. >> taking a look at erin with roads and rails this morning. >> right now i can tell you that the roads are dealing with gloomy, gray conditions and little bit of light fog possible. 95 southbound and bit of delay
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icc down to beltway and college park because of earlier crash on exit ramp to outer loop. outer loop jammed new hampshire avenue 95 to georgia avenue and 15 minute delay as usual and watch for visibility issues if fog is low highing you see 270 southbound and elevated fog however it's about 30 minutes delay coming down urbana to the beltway. let's look-. 66 sutly road police activity blocking sholter but it's m moving and we're seeing 45 minute delay from gainsville to the parkway. aside from that a crash on bw parkway southbound. it's blocking left lane after 100. delays extending back to i 195 take 95 southbound to get around that. 32 dealing with volume towards 95 and rest of maryland commute he told you about the delays. let's see if we can forward things to metro delays and red line getting back to normal as bob barnard told us we had earlier trains service suspended
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weekend repair. train service restored just watch for little bit after justment of residual delay between gallaudet and fort totten in addition to the train work back to you. >> happening today the federal trial for virginia man admitting to joining isis is set to begin in alexandria. hoe ma'am add said he traveled from north virginia to isis controlled city of mows ul in iraq and after three months with terror group the 27-year-old said he escaped after realizing he made a bad decision. after his escape he was feld in iraqi prison before flown back to u.s.. his lawyers tried to get his confession tossed out and pretrial hearing arguing he was wrongfully interrogated by authorities. >> suspect in deadly portland train stabbing will be in court as shocking video surfaced of the suspect jeremy christian. he is accused of kill
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after they stepped in to br breakp a tense situation. and day before that another rabts recorded on another train and in that video he threat toned stabt passengers and talks about christians and muslim. >> and emotional tribute in manchester england hundreds gathered to mark a week since 22 people were killed by suicide bomber at ariana grande concert. they came together st. anne's square. 16 people were arrested in connection with that. 14 remain in custody. and today, one of city's main train stations reopened for the first time since attack. >> tiger woods could get up tie year's probation or jail time if convicted of latest dui arrests he's apologizing after sitting in a florida jail over the weekend and is offering reason for his behavior. >> big time talker, tiger woods apologized publicly for this incident. he was stobd for driving under
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and now tiger roads is plameing it on precipitation medicine saying he didn't realize they affected him so strongly. >> i was sad. i'm a height fan of tiger woods. >> hopefully le can make a come back. >> tiger woods explaining reaction to medication. >> i hope he gets his act together. i feel like everybody makes mission takes. but 3 a.m. is not a good place to be. >> in a statement the 41-year-old golfer insists alcohol was not involved. woods' dui arrest near his home and it landed him in jail for hours. he was eventually released on own recognizance and in a statement woods did not say what he was doing out at 3 a.m. but woods did say he understands the severity of what he did and takes full responsibility and apologizing saying he expects more from himself. th'r
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role model. >> he still is. he still s he'll get to together. he's best golfer of all time. >> he recently had back surm rain less than a week ago says "he has not felt this good in years" back in 2009 he made headlines when private life unraveled over allegations after fairs with multiple women and bizarre early morning car crash involving ex-wife outside his home. >> now according to records woods spelled of booze and refused breathe lies erin became arrogant and could also be dashcam of arrest released today races questions about what sponsorship especially with nike. the incident could cost millions of current and future endorsements. he makes over $45 million in sponsorship money alone. so more trauma for tiger wo woods. >> did they comment or did he comment on -- he said it was not alcohol but said medication he was taking was it in relation to the surgery he just had. >> there's no information in regard to that. there's a possibility that
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of the timing of the back surgery and everything. so that could be a possi possibility. but at this point we just don't know. we don't know. they're supposed to release more information today about what happened. the police report about what actually happened during this. >> $20 million a year from nike. >> financially he's doing okay. just the other stuff is just eh. >> he going through a bit. >> we'll no more later today. >> bryce charged mound after stick land hit him in 8th inning and that emptied benches.
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>> a live look this morning. was that rain tucker or. >> really drizzle and low clouds. >> all looks bad traffic included. >> we might see a little peek of sun today and stirs up trouble right? >> maybe afternoon thunderstorms. >> quick doing the weather a shout-out tweet from one of my viewers and one of our viewers carla jordan and sho
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christine ryan who got married this weekend. >> beautiful. >> in alexandria isn't that beautiful picture. >> yes that's a georgous dress, bouquet, couple. >> sunshine for you on cloudy and gloomy day. >> we needed that. >> this is wedding season right? >> that's right. >> congratulations carla we love the picture and congratulations christie and ryan. 63 washington. we are cloudy and drizzly. and overcast. and in general we're not happy about going back to work and school there's cloud cover and the thing today we'll get clouds first half of day and cold front approaches norm and west and we may break up the clouds somewhat and get sunshine and kind of partial sunshine and encouraging thunderstorms this afternoon and keep that in mind. daytime highs in the 0s. mid to upper 70s with cloud cover today and yesterday. plan accordingly. i take umbrella
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thunderstorms. wednesday, thursday look great particularly thursday. low humidity, high around 0. look for a trip to buoy friday and weekend not going to mention weather. >> there's time for it to change. >> it won't but -- >> i'm just kidding. very hopeful. maybe we can hold off until saturday night. >> thanks, tuck. >> good morning. >> good morning, 7:17 starting with metro update. bob barnard told you as well. train service has been restored between gallaudet and for the to the ep own red line and late clearing work. trains moving and watch for residual delays. also dealing with safe track slowing down the onen line. a lot of red rights now we showed you that look at 95 southbound when holly and steve bumped in now fog and heavy traffic icc to beltway. 15 minute delay to georgia avenue. 270 southbound ur
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and we're seeing delays springfield to 66. here's a crash on southbound bw parkway blocking left lane after 100 backed up solid back before i 195. take 95 southbound to get around that one and again you hit 95 southbound delays once you cross the icc. moving things over topside of beltway an you can see bw parkway dealing with southbound delays powder mill road. that's a look at silver spring out are loop is jammed and heavy volume clarksburg as well and things continue to pick up. northbound 95 dale city to beltway heavy traffic. 457 minute trip dale city to mixing bowl and don't forget virginia express lanes tw tweeting to let you know starting today and cop tipping summer 5 express lanes reverse 10 a.m. one hour earlier than normal. 295 southbound stacked from 50 to pennsylvania avenue and pennsylvania avenue inbound as well as sut lands parkway inbound throw 9 5.
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roll of hour and 20 minute from commute gainsville to beltway. back to you. >> in northern virginia this morning alexandria police were trying figure out who is responsible for haging them. >> people in the community are sending their own messages of hope. here's mel with more. >> good morning, guys, those flyers were found in many location around the city of alexandria. disturbing to a lot of people so much so they wanted to out counter act mess ams with things more positive. some signs posted over the weekend by families in the neighborhood really as counter balance to what they had seen. they did take down racist and zeno phobic flyers to replace them with positive messages. police say flyers showed up in del ray and old town alexandria oaf the weekend pretty much friday night saturday morning and somewhere
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anti-islam and others mate full to african americans and we're told it's the same flyers that are posted across the kuptsry and also some found in d.c. and maryland and we did blur out the name and web site for the white supremists group that created thighs and also targeting georgetown professor who lives in the area and confronted white supremacists ripard spencer. that happened not long ago. families are fighting back with mess amounts of inclusion and they also say that they hope people who see they're more kol for full positive signs out and about in the neighborhood will do even m more. >> make friends with minority communities that have organized church groups and political groups them can get involved in and work together to reverse this problem. >> i feel like we're living in ordinary times. this is not normal. >> so alexandria city's mayor commented
7:21 am
over the weekend saying they represent a new low in ignorance and stressing alexandria is city of kindness and compassion and she does say the police department is investigating. >> live in the del ray section of alexandria, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> well you walked the dog this morning supporters of one dog part in virginia rallying to keep their space as it is. four mile run sheryling ton dog park. they're changing one proposal to cut the space in half. 2600 signatures and the board meets on proposals tonight and decision months away. >> also today national sp spelling bee kicks off national harbor. preliminary rounds are today and tomorrow with big finals set for thursday night. competition gets going 8:30 this morning and there's 291 total people competing and one speller is from d.c.. 11 from ma
7:22 am
virginia for top spellers bee is all-consuming year round pursuit. >> super bowl i smell it. >> good welcome for all two trophies and township days. this lacrosse team it on fire. >> plus u.s. carries out important anti missile test. more on that mess am. we'll be back at 7:2 2.
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ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac.
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him bring his hate into virginia.
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>> welcome home. university of maryland men's lacrosse team getting back home after clinching national championship. their win came one day after mar ar's women's team claim the championship. men's team defeated ohio st state. men's first lacrosse championship in 42 years. congratulations to the team and its coach. >> speaking of championship coaches university of maryland women's lacrosse coach kathy reese will chat us with live during good day d.c. getting their scoop on incredible and perfect season. gop gratlations to both. >> 63 in washington. not raining. heavy drizzle across the area. winds east at 8.
7:26 am
70s. yesterday 80s. today 70s. look at the cloud cover to start your morning. it's going to be mostly cl cloudy. sunshine we may get here late morning early afternoon until the front get closer until then we're stuck in the cloud here. cold front off and west. we may see a few thunderstorms kick autopsy round the wront later today keep in mind late afternoon early evening we may very thunderstorm activity and clouds will stick around pretty tough today. wednesday, thursday -- wednesday thursday look a lot brighter, temperature 80 with less humidity. 80 looks fantastic and zip trip friday looks good too. i'm getting lots of questions about the weekend all right. a big weekend coming up locally. feels like a lot of people are doing stuff. >> it's a good weekend to doing stuff i'll be at bachelorette party. >> you will, will you? >> yes, i will. >> congratulations to my friend mhe
7:27 am
jam cam, gray, fwloomy, foggy, nasty tuesday morning and upper loop right now braddock road is jam cam whip frert sprayed field inlt changing. >> we'll have more traffic and look at metro commute next as well. back to you holly and steve. >> a shakeup at the white house after the break who is out after three months on the job. >> and wake of latest north korea missile test, the pentagon is set to test the anti missile defense system. more on that. 7:27 is the time now.
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>> back now live look is northern virginia. this is 66 at sudley road out in manassas. no traffic accident or anything to report it's
7:30 am
out there this morning. quack your patience, right. >> 7:29. let's take a look at today's top stories on tuesday. breaking news from the white house. president trump's communications director mike duke key has resigned. he's only been on the job for about three months. reports say he resigned on may 18th but offered to stay through the president's first overseas trip. senior administration official told the website that he's parting on good terms. no word yet on when this last day will be. >> memorial day certainly a busy weekend for d.c. police. three shootings in three hour span yesterday. police say more than 40 shots were fired in the trucks ton circle neighborhood q street and first northwest. nobody injured. these shootings happened where a deadly mass shooting happened over hemmed weekend. unclear if the two incidents are connected. >> tiger woods says it wasn't alcohol. unexpected reaction to prescription drugs that caused him to drive impaired early yesterday. he was pulled over in jupiter
7:31 am
3am. he spent four hours in jail before being released. police have been tight lipped bout the incident so far. arrest report and possibly dash cam video could be released. >> manuel nor vega the dictator panama has died. country current president confirm the news on twitter. one time us ally was ousted aspen ma in a months dictator by american invasion in 1989. he later served 17 year drug sentence in the united states. manuel norie. ga was 83 years old. isis is claiming responsibility for a car bombing outside popular ice cream shop in baghdad. it was filled with families who had gathered to break their ramadan fast. 15 people were killed. two dozen others were injured. breaking this morning word of another car bombing in baghdad this latest one killing at least 12 people. >> later today u.s. military is slated to carry out dramatic test of the nation's missile defense system. >>t
7:32 am
north korea launched a missile of its own. maureen is back now with the messages from both countries. >> good morning. this us test has been in the works for a little while but it's beyond just a test. it's also demonstration for countries like north korea. north korea dictator kim jong-un looking on his country test filed a missile. and while it's range was well short of the united states, it could put south korea and us forces well within range and it is provocation. the reality is no president can accept north korea getting ready to launch nuclear missiles at u.s. bases our old lies or the continental united states. we could not accept that. but what the u.s. can do in apparently will do today is carry out a test launching under continental ballistic missile from the marshall islands out in th
7:33 am
u.s. inter centers then will be launched from van den burg air force base in california. it's not unlikely chat wrench north korean icbm could pose if north korea continues on this path. president trump meeting last week with japanese prime minister ababay spoke of the threat. >> it's a big problem. it's a world problem and it will be solved at some point it will be solved. you can bet on that. >> from jump perspective that solution may involve klein in a leaning on its neighbor with the president tweeting just yesterday, north korea has shown great disrespect for their neighbor china by shooting off yet another ballistic missile. but china is trying hard. >> there is no question klein in a does have some sway over the north korea but the question remains if it will be enough to make a difference. stay tune. steve? maureen, thanks very much. less gender sports writer and baltimore native frank de fort passed away he
7:34 am
a staple at sports illustrated writing for that magazine since 1962. just a few years after the magazine was founded. regular on mpr as well. gave a story behind the story in the sports world. in 2013 awarded the national humanities medal at the white house. >> i loved frank. he was a wonderful wonderful story teller. >> he was here. i had a chance to interview him a few years back. >> man you ask him one question, he'll tell i was little story. >> kind of like that. >> exactly. >> you wanted to talk to him for hours. >> all right. >> i get the -- let's see. what's the word i'm looking for? >> context. >> no. i get the unpleasant -- let's just do the forecast. >> the arduous task. >> thank you holly. telling you we'll be cloudy and drizzly and once again rainy by afternoon. hit and miss afternoon thunderstorms are back and at it looks we'll be mostly cloudy today. we got a little sun yesterday. not as much as we like, and we're not going to get a lot of sun today.
7:35 am
63 now in washington. these numbers haven't budged a lot because of the low clouds and the fog and the mist and the drizzle across the area. 59 in baltimore. there you can see the cloud cover. what we think is going to happen here for today as our cold front starts to push in from the north and west you can see it there clearly marked in west virginia v you can see it clearly marked because we put a line there that presses into the area we'll likely see, a, little bit of sunshine and then thunderstorms bubble ahead of it late this afternoon and this evening, and if we can get enough sunshine enough daytime heating we may have a strong storm or two late this afternoon. daytime highs cooler than yesterday in the 70s. coming up the seven day forecast we'll look at the rest of the week we have beautiful days to look forward and look at the all important weekend. ein. >> not beautiful day today for the morning commute. we're seeing a ton of parked traffic. starting off with our maps outer loop crash left shoulder blocked right after 50 and we're starting to see big delay there is 50 inbound slow. northbound gw parkway crash
7:36 am
and because of that we're seeing big delays on the northbound side. southbound side heavy as well as you try to get down to the memorial and key bridges from rosslyn in to georgetown this morning. all the yellow and red want to do a little tour around the area. hop outside start off way look in virginia. 66 is just a parking lot. no crashes but from 29 in ga gainsville to the beltway it's about an hour and 20 minute commute because of heavy volume. 395 really jams up by duke street as well. 15 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. fourteenth street bridge is a really slow role as well gray, gloomy, wet, some fog in maryland right now. 270 southbound passed montrose road you're at a crawl heavy traffic in clarksburg as well and because of the stop and go traffic, from 70 all the way down to the beltway it's going to take you about an hour and a half. as we take look right now you can see really jams up as you make your way out elsewhere. this is 95 southbound through calvert ton into college park. from the icc down some fog as well keep it to fox fuse morning. we'll take look at metro next.
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z2cpsz zi0z y2cpsy yi0y
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company. travelers are expected to travel in numbers expected to rise over last year thanks to decent economy and stable gas prices. u.s. airlines would beat last year' record. >> four day memorial day weakened not body well for the box office. in fact it was the weakest box office almost two decades. while the latest pirates of caribbean grossed $77 million, bay watch bombed bringing in policely $23 million. the total box office gross ended up being just over 172 million. the lowest recorded since 1999. >> i thought it was supposed the big summer blockbusters came out memorial day. >> and the weather wasn't that great. so it should have have help, right? >> okay. not surprised by bay watch, though. bruce springsteen surprised concert goers in new jersey with encore at the steve vansant show. did he four songs on his age. vansant was playing at the count base see theater in red bank, new jersey. in
7:41 am
territory. new album foul fire. vansant a member of the e street band. >> no guys allowed. controversy brewing over the new wonder woman movie and the all women's screenings ahead of its big dee because this week. >> instagram and your mental health. downside to all those pictures of healthy foods and fitness, is that making you sick? >> hmm. >> we'll have our tuesday talkers with sarah fraser next. ♪
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>> 7:43 right now. we're going to look ahead to a star-studded good day d.c. on this tuesday. check out this guest list. hollywood heart throb chris pine talks with our heart throb kevin mccarthy about starring in wonder woman. also wrap rapper ludicrous will join us live to dish on his new mtv show and why he's setting the record straight about rumored beef with drake. and then we are also live with stars the nashville. sam and chris car mack both going to join us live. exciting. ♪ >> of course we just came off the holiday and you're headed back to work on this tuesday but guess what we're already thinking about friday because we want you to join us at our next zip trip in bowie, maryland. we'll be at the bowie town center this friday, six to 11am tucker barnes is going to kick things off. [ applause ] >> wisdom and i will head out there, erin will join us later in the morning. so it's going to be a party on friday and of course we'd love you to be a part of it. come see us. >> a couple years ago out there. >> yeah. >> the
7:45 am
remember the food. >> the marching band. >> the cheerleaders. >> the marching band. >> great day. it was a good day. >> hopefully it will be even better this year. >> how does the forecast look. >> it actually looks fine. nice warmup by friday. temperatures in the mid 80s. not so perfect this morning. a lot of clouds out early, and we've been dealing with drizzle out for the past several hours here. we'll get a little sunshine today i think the first half of the day will be generally cloudy and mostly cloudy this afte afternoon. we won't get as much sun as we got yesterday unfortunately. storms back in the forecast later today. possible. that means they'll be scattered we -- everybody is not going to see them. we'll have a few later this afternoon. we'll keep a storm in the forecast wednesday. isolated then by thursday lots of sunshine. low humidity. high temperatures chilly in the upper 70s near 80. haven't had a loft 90s so far this spring. a couple for the month of may. that's been about it. all right. let's see. 63 now in washington. few 50's. gaithersburg 59 degrees. 57 up in west minster you can see out to the west temperatures generally in the low to
7:46 am
62 dulles. 66 culpeper. [ laughter ] >> erin, you know how i feel about that thing. gets me every time that little box. 66 in culpeper. all right. there's your cloud cover. and your drizzle across the area. we're going to keep the clouds in the forecast for the first half of the day. again as we get into the afternoon hours and our cold front starts to get closer we may break the clouds up and get little bit of sunshine that will encourage temperatures to top out in the mid to upper 70s and any sunshine we get will also encourage a few thunderstorms to develop up ahead of that front we may see a few thunderstorms develop this afternoon and officially under a slight or low we have risk category marginal risk for some severe thunderstorms i'll throw it out there. keep the umbrella handy and, log out for those later today. there's future cast. a couple of showers around mid afternoon, and we'll see if we get some storms -- there we go. a few storms develop. most of the energy north here eight, nine, 10:00 o'clock tonight. clear it out overnight.
7:47 am
tomorrow spotty late day storm. friday for our zip trip late day storm and wided scatter. the weekend right now what's word i want to use? it looks a little rainy i'm afraid, saturday and sunday a chance of rain particularly sunday. temperatures will be only around 80 for the afternoon on sunday. all right. erin has got update on traffic. >> it's just pretty gross out there. 7:47. can you hear me? >> nope. >> i don't know why. >> you should hear me. >> i don't hear you. >> can i borrow your microphone? >> i'm sorry. >> thank you very much. this is a look at very slow-moving traffic as we make or way inbound a crash blocking the shoulder on the inner loop out by little river turnpike. forward our cameras. are you standing off camera. thank you let's forward things along. you can see the inner loop across the wilson bridge jams from branch avenue the usual delay to across the wilson bridge and we'll go ahead and switch things up. look how great and gloomy it is. nasty day out. really slow-moving traffic right now on 295 northbound as you
7:48 am
take look at our maps. i feel like i'm a flight attendant holding might crow phone. smooth air travel right now. southern of a closed in both directions at south view drive that information coming in district if d.c. police. letting us know about that crash scene. 210 looking jammed up in both directions, and good news for the red line normal train service has resumed between noma gallaudet and fort totten lake clearing track work cleared out of the way. safetrack impacting orange line. shuttle bus and shuttle service express lines have been created to help you -- [ laughter ] >> i can't take this seriously. tucker is staring at me off camera throwing my game. orange line so the viewers can enjoy what i'm enjoying here, again, shuttle service to help you get around safetrack search surge 15 on the orange line. gloomy commute with crowded conditions. more traffic in few. back to you guys. >> hoping for smooth flight sometimes when sarah joins us the conversation gets gets a little tush about length. >> blame
7:49 am
exciting. >> unpredictable. >> tuesday day talkers. >> how do you feel about these all female wonder woman screenings that are happening across the country that have people up in arms that men say they're going to crash. >> really? >> alamo draft house we've done it in the past. >> who cares? >> i have no problem with it. i don't understand. >> there are going to be screenings of this movie there's a chance for everybody to see it. >> i know. >> go see it with the people you want to see it. go to the screening you want to go to to. everybody gets a chance to z i don't care. >> i'm with you both. alamo draft house will on nor it, they're sol out across the country. >> they're going to do a second one. >> they've been adding to it, yeah. i mean, i think this is the perfect example of someone making an issue just to make an issue. >> i agree 100%. >> okay. we're done with that one. >> check. >> moving on. all right. how do you guys feel about this. five ohio teachers are making news because they were doing a school trip with a group of children, and the kids kids were being watched
7:50 am
unchaperoned buy but five of the teachers leave go out to dinner haven't drinks and now they're being fired or told they have to resign by the end of this week because the policy was that they could not leave the kids at any time. >> that's the policy. >> do you guys think this is appropriate? >> the problem, too, this a lot of people coming to the teachers defenses because a lot of them are great teachers according people's reviews, and they've never had any sort of issue in the past. they claim they had no idea that the policy was this strict in the sense that they obviously -- >> they didn't know they had to follow the policy? do their children they're watch having to follow the rules that the teachers put out there? >> holly is like -- she's like -- >> definitely has repercussion it clearly stated. >> me. to i don't think they have to resign. >> forcing somebody to resign when, f they have a perfect record that might be a little harsh. >> that's what i think, too. i mean the kids were being watched by other adults it wasn't like they left them in the hotel room. we'll see you guys. >> how old were the kids.
7:51 am
>> please by that time you can dress yourself. >> teachers were in 30s and 40s. they weren't 22-year-old teachers. >> older people that made a bad decision. [ laughter ] >> i mean i agree. i think there needs to be a harsh repercussion but probably don't need to be fired. >> they definitely broke the rules. now you're tacking about their entire families everything else being affected by this. >> i agree. >> again i don't know what their personnel records were. but i mean i read into the same things that did you where it seemed like a lot of people were coming to the defense saying these were a lot of very popular teachers in the schools, but also, who does a 5-day field trip where you just don't leave the camp for five days? >> holly. >> in public school? [ laughter ] >> don't they come to washington, d.c., like, people come from across the nation to washington, d.c. >> for a weekend. >> i'm sure that's for some time. >> i know. i never did 5-day trip either. three days but that was it. >> i never even did a trip. my public school we didn't even do trips. >> came to dc once for two days. that was
7:52 am
>> five days is a long time. >> it is a long time. >> the rules are the rules. >> i agree. i'm sorry. good teachers are hard to find. so, you know, if they are really great teachers but i mean even people that are good in their jobs make mistakes but i think they need to get in trouble. >> i thought that was crazy. lastly on our last is instagram is now causing new eating disorders. this one is not so much anorexia but with obsession to being healthy because of all the pictures you see, all the juices, green juices. >> it's a bad thing why? >> forcing me to be healthy, steve. >> darn it. [ laughter ] >> well, people are taking that to extremes a lot of people are now reporting that it's causing them some severe anxiety as well as this, um, obsession with being healthy that leads to malnutrition is what some of the experts are saying in this article. which what -- how do you feel? do you feel like you scroll on instagram. >> you're not going to be able to change your diet and lifestyle a complete
7:53 am
body. being backlash on your- it's not possible to do it that quickly but if you want to change and become healthier there are ways to do it. you just can't dive into the deep end of the pool. >> don't you think -- here's my thing. >> okay. >> instagram, facebook, all of that, it's the ultimate keeping up witness joneses, right. >> right. >> so people, you really just have to learn you can't be bullied by your feeds. you need to learn -- if it's causing you to do bad things, whatever that may be or making you feel less or making you feel like you needed to more or whatever, don't look at it. >> yeah. i think you have to be really careful because i think it can become an obsession with just being healthy for the photo. >> exactly. >> nobody posts bad thing. >> what's wrong with taking it for inspiration. >> i think you can. >> who says that you have to be just like the people that are posting the pictures? >> it's like if somebody works out at the gym seven days a week for ten years, and then i'm like, oh, man, i wish i looked like that i'm going to be in the gym for eight hours for
7:54 am
i'm going feel horrible. >> being are equating instagram do you remember that whole trend when celebrities in hollywood would wear like a red -- thin red bracelet suppose to symbolize anorexia. the olsen twins. this is old reference the olsen twins did it got a backlash ten years ago. essentially what a lot of psychologists are saying the instagram is that new badge, if you will, that is encouraging young women especially and young men to sort of get on board of extreme healthy eating which is essentially just a eating did you order. >> we have to teach people how to not want the badge. how to not want the badge, right? >> yes. >> you can't always blame it on the thing that's out there. maybe you have to a little self-responsibility. >> i love that. >> do your homework first. >> 7:55 right now much say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today the honor goes to tyler thompson who was nominated by her mom. >> look
7:55 am
>> i know. >> she says that tyler graduated last thursday from thompson university and she said that tyler has been watching fox5 before she even knew what news was. she also has a special request for tucker. tucker listen up much she says can you please send some sunshine her way. >> even if it's thursday, tucker, i'm sure they'll take it. >> i will doing i can to make tyler happy. i'm i hope you're not watching this morning because we have cloud cover. if you hang in there we'll try to get you sunshine this afternoon but it will be brighter around who are bee wednesday and thursday. particularly thursday looks fantastic i think it will be a full day of sunshine with low humidity and temperatures near 80. all right. there's your cloud cover this morning. and the deal with today is the maritime layers made a return, winds out of the east here overnight and we're waking up with a lot of drizzle out there as well. looking down the road a little bit, cold front on the way. this will get in here later this afternoon really this evening but up ahead of it we may fire up a few storms later this
7:56 am
afternoon. scattered thunderstorms back in the forecast i do think we may get some sunshine by mid afternoon it just won't be quite as abundant as yesterday. 77 your daytime high. tomorrow looks brighter, 83 and there's your beautiful thursday i think even friday will be a nice day. a summery day in the mid 80s and then showers return for the weekend. so yeah, there it is. all right. erin. how is it looking. >> i put too much hot sauce on my breakfast. you ever do that before? >> i eat chocolate for breakfast so not generally hot sauce with it. >> i put hot sauce on everything that's my problem. right now move over to the roads. southern of a closed in both directions at south view drive in the district because of a crash. use caution there. also, 270 southbound left shoulder blocked at montgomery avenue in the backup so as you make your way down into montgomery county huge delays about an hour and a half commute from 70 in frederick down to the spur. it's a gray gloomy kind of wet dreary ride. extra time needed everywhere. outer loop crash left shoulder block after receiving and outer loop delays as well all the way do
7:57 am
through. 50 inbound from outside the bell way jams and then through cheverly really heavy traffic. 295 southbound from 50 on down is a parking lot to penns pennsylvania. northbound gw parkway crash it's after spout run blocking the shoulder on the northbound side southbound side heavy from 123 to the key bridge as usual. memorial bridge heavy issue as well. wide view all that yellow and red. metro on time red line back to normal except for safetrack impacting the orange lean. we'll be back in just a few with more news, weather and traffic. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
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7:59 am
power the companies that power our economy.
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. straight up 8:00 o'clock on this tuesday morning. good morning i'm sheaf zen she. >> i'm maureen umeh thanks for joining us much it is tuesday, may 30. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. racist flyers popping and in one northern virginia neighborhood. we'll tell was the community is doing to fight back. >> startling documentary that shocked netflix users across the nation and this morning we're digging deeper into the keepers and the sex abuse allegations against the archdiocese of baltimore. why is the series spurring more victims to come forward. >> the ballpark brawl getting a lot of buzz in the dmv and across the nation. the big question should bryce be suspended? >> um-um. live look outside on this tuesday morning. looking pretty dreary out there. yes, rain if it's not already coming down where you are it will. but not a total wasut
8:01 am
weather and traffic on the 5's. ♪ breaking news coming from the white house another member of the trump administration is leaving. >> yes white house counselor kellyanne conway confirmed trump's communication director mike duke key resign he's only been on the job for three months. he handed his resignation before president trump many left for his first international trip. duke key is parting on good terms no word yet on when his last day will be. meantime the while trump administration is nearing the end of its review of rolling back relations with cuba stated during the obama area. advisers for president trump considered changes that could call for tightening some trade and travel rules former president obama put in mace. the trump administration is not expected to completely sever ties with the communist country. >> today the pentagon testing its ability to shoot down an inter continental ballistic missile. test would take place over the pacific ocean. this comes just a day after north korea tested
8:02 am
range missile. traveled 280 miles before splashing down in japan's economic zone it is the latest in spring of missile launches. south korea says north korea has tested nine missiles this year. analysts say north korea is still years from being able to target us mainland with nuclear inter continental ballistic missiles us is take nothing chances. former fbi director james comey expected to testify on cap toil hill sometime this week. he will tell his side of the story and investigation into alleged ties between russia and the president's campaign. the big question, though, is, did the president ask comey to drop the investigation? recent fox news poll shows the 60% of voters think the president fired comey because the investigation was harming him. >> twenty seven-year-old have nessa alvarado will be in court to learn her punish many for hell roll in the murder of christianville grand
8:03 am
that happened back 2013. bob barnard is live from the courthouse in rockville now with more details on today's sentencing. bob? >> reporter: guys, she's facing 40 years in prison. we expect that's what mr. alvarado will get. victim in this case according to prosecutors was stabbed more than 150 times. this happened last summer, last june, at a park here in gaithersburg. not far from here in rockville. the victim as you mentioned an 18-year-old was originally from guatemala living with his mother in new jersey before he moved down here last year to live with a cousin in gaithersburg. the victim christian antonio villa grand morales was landscaper by all accounts a great guy. he was allegedly according to prosecutors lured to his death by vanessa alvarado 20 years oned born and raised in this area. she apparently lured him into those woods under the guys of having sex but there were four of her friends lying in wait,
8:04 am
prosecutors say they believe that christian was member of a rival gang they say he was and vanessa and the four men were all members of the ms13. now all four of the young men who were involved in this case are also in custody. one in virginia facing a variety of charges. one of them is already plead guilty to this murder as vanessa did. she plead guilty to murder and conspiracy to commit murder. she is facing live in prison all suspended but 40 years. she'll be sentenced to 40 years may serve just 20 years in prison way things go. we're told the victim' mother will be here in court making an impact statement at sentencing coming up within the hour. guys. >> bob barred in witness update this morning. >> ♪ how is the rain or chances of it look out there? >> i mean a little drizzle out there early. as far as measurable rain that would arrive in the form of thunderstorms later today. and you know,
8:05 am
everybody won't get a storm later today. you got baseball or softball i think you'll probably get it in. i can't promise everybody will. but most everybody should get it in. we're waking up way lot of cloud cover again. low clouds, fog, drizzle across the area. current numbers haven't budged since i arrive in the 5:00 o'clock. 63 at reagan national national. 59 in baltimore. bwi marshall. 62 dulles. there's your cloud cover and again wind shifted out of the east overnight that allowed this maritime layer to make yet another appearance. remember all the great sunshine we had yesterday afternoon. >> yeah. >> we won't get that today. okay. we'll keep it cloudy for the morning hours. what we're hoping is by afternoon by we i mean us in the weather community that cold front you see off to the north and west as it presses into the area may get in sunshine up ahead but that will only encourage the development of some thunderstorms a little later today. so keep the umbrella handy here by late afternoon. 77 your
8:06 am
>> okay. >> good to know. >> seven day has got lots of sunshine and low humidity on it for at lost a couple of days. >> silver lining. >> hi, erin. good morning. nasty commute, guys. coming up on 8:06. southern of a closed in both directions at south view drive with crash. as you move over 270 southbound a crash blocking the right shoulder at 85 in the mix of delays from 70 all the way down to the beltway it will take you bon all right hour and a half. some have patience. always second crash blocking two left lanes right before montgomery avenue as soon as you get into rockville the delays pick up even more. bail out track on 355 southbound much that's not a better alternate. have patience there as well. outer loop crash blocking the left shoulder after 50. delays extend back to past pennsylvania avenue. and then northbound gw parkway this crash lock blocking the shoulder at spout run delays back past national airport right now it looks like back to the 14th street bridge. so please have some patience there. southbound gw parkway sluggish traffic from 123 down to the key bridge. and then for the
8:07 am
can see about ten minute delay on 395 northbound from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. freeway backs up in both directions. 295 southbound is stack. 50 not looking so hot and bw parkway dealing with a ton of heavy traffic. this crash cleared to the shoulder. it was beasley blocking the left lane bw parkway southbound after 100. but in the mix of delays 95 southbound picking up and traffic as well to and from the baltimore beltway whether you keep it to 95 or bw parkway heavy volume. outer loop 15 minute delay from 95 on over to basically georgia avenue and then icc on down 95 southbound to the beltway. so slow. metro on time except for safetrack that is still impacting the orange line but they do have express shuttle service available. maureen, back to you. >> want to get to a developing story. isis terrorists killed 13 people in baghdad here's the car bomb explosion right there. it was caught on surveillance camera. the attack near a popular ice cream shop. 24 more people were injured. this is the
8:08 am
ramadan and in recent years the month has been marked boy increase in violence in iraq. isis claiming responsibility for the attack. ♪ it's been a week since manchester terror attack and this morning the investigation intensifying as police revealed new images of bomber salman abedi during just before the attack. seen with suitcase that may or may not have carried explosive materials used in the deadly backpack bomb. explosion at the ariana grande concert killed 22 people and left more than 100 others injured. 14 people now in custody for their suspected roles in that attack. here at home, northern virginia community coming together to rally against hate after racist posters were found hanging in fir neighborhood. >> residents in the alexandria community spreading messages of hope as police try to track down whoever is responsible for those ugly posters. melanie alnwick is live in the del ray neighborhood with the details. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. folks here in the del ray community really wanted to just send a message in response to what they s
8:09 am
trend punctuated by what popped up in that neighborhod and in old town over the weekend. so now you can see many of the telephone poles here along common wealth avenue and other of the prominent streets here are decorated with the colorful flyers positive posters after they took those racist and zen know phobic flyers down. police say the flyers showed up in del ray and old town alexandria from friday night into saturday morning. some were anti islam. others hateful toward african-americans. we're toll the same kind of flyers have been posted at colleges across the country including in d.c. and in maryland. now, we at f fox5 did blur out e name and white site for the group that created these flyers. also targeted georgetown professor who lives in the area, and confronted white supremacist richard spencer at their gym. that happened not too long ago. in response, now, families and neighbors fighting back with messages of inclusion with these colorful posters and positive
8:10 am
peel people who feel the same as they do will do even more. >> where i might be less inclined to speak up, now i feel like even for them i have to speak up. we need to tell people that hate there's no mace for hate. i'm just kind of shocked that people can be so mean. >> reporter: now alexandria's mayor did say that they are looking at this incident. police are investigating and she also in a message posted to into the to the community stressed that alexandria is a community of kindness and inclusion. live in the del ray neighbor, i'm mel know alnwick, fox5 local news. 8:10 is the time. happening today. there will be a rally against maryland governor larry hogan fosses veto a paid sick leave. the bill would have required businesses with 15 or more employees to provide five paid sick days. hogan said that the bill would be disastrous to maryland's economy. kill sma b
8:11 am
jeopardize thousands of jobs. the working matters coalition for earned sick days disagrees and is hosting the rally. still ahead this morning tiger woods now weighing in after being arrested for dui. why he says alcohol really had nothing to do with it. >> battle on the ball feel at the nats/giants game in san francisco last night. details, penalties and those players who could face them. back after this. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ >> back 8:13. the former deck tater of panama manuel noriega died at the age of 83. he once held power in panama before how ousted and brought to the u.s. op drug charges. served 17 years in u.s. prison after completing his sense tense in 2007 he served time in france for money laundering before returning to panama six years ago. no cause of death was released at the time of the announce. his did he know. >> fiery last day of the legislative session in texas protesters coming as far away as california and new york filled the house gallery in austin in scuffle broke out between lawmakers when one lawmaker told a group of hispanic protesters he called ice agents. legislation bans local communities from enacting sanctuary city policies it goes into effect in september. ♪ >> the coat and tie fight is never -- >> we're waiting for the anger. like a
8:15 am
hungry or something. hungarians, don't mean to disparage your government. >> they go off there. >> this is my heritage you guys are talking about. you realize that. >> i didn't -- >> no, no,. you see those crazy videos i'm not sure which country it's f from. let me -- >> my first five quick let's get out of this maureen before you get in any more trouble. >> behave, cyrie. >> don't take a lesson from bryce now. >> let's settle things diplomatically on the baseball field. >> listen i can feel for bryce. >> at a young age you have to melee by the written rules. >> you two keep distracting me. final tour my first five photo of the day. the cuteness factor. this is cyrie. he turns a great big four years old today. happy birthday! >> happy birthday! >> four is the best. >> he's got the four jersey. you can tell from the picture he loves all things baseball. >> that's awesome and especially the nationals. >> aww. >> here's what he likes when he
8:16 am
watching racing presidents i'm sure he likes watching the nationals win. >> and eating hotdogs, too. >> no doubt about it. >> look at him. great little outfit. >> future star in the making right there. >> i always wanted to be the orioles or even like the -- like the padres and like all the -- teams nobody wanted. >> aww. >> i was the mets. >> the mets are good. >> i guess. but -- >> brewers one year. >> if i was up in new york it would be cool. >> to send us your picture go to fox5 d.c. cyrie, we love your picture. happy number four. he's wearing number four shirt. >> i had little jersey when i was four years old. how cool is that. >> that's awesome. how about weather. >> let's do it. we are currently 63 in washington. we are cloudy. we are little cool out there. 50's are parts of area and drizzly this morning. looks rather gloomy and i'm afraid the morning hours will have lots of clouds around. perhaps by afternoon get a little sunshine
8:17 am
mostly cloudy day today. cold front north and west will push in late this afternoon. that could fire up a few showers or thunderstorms particularly if we can get daytime heating. if we get any sunshine at that you that encourage thunderstorm later today. otherwise, just hang in there i promise by wednesday and thursday right back into sunshine particularly thursday looks great. upper 70s to near 80. and lots of sunshine. so permission to go outside and play all day on thursday. >> all right. >> thank you. >> okay. >> accepted. >> take advantage of it. >> erin, good morning. >> 8:17. big problems on the roads look at these drive times. all yellow and red. worse of the delay 270 southbound coming down from 109 to the beltway. that is going to take an hour and 22 minutes. outer loop jams 95 to the 270 spur with 28 minute trip. keep in mind 270 southbound earlier two crashes have cleared one by 85 north of that delay right there. another one by montgomery av avenue. 95 southbound from 100 to powder mill road 24 minute drive and then the outer loop pennsylvania avenue to bw parkway
8:18 am
crash at 50. 24 minute right ride. big problems in virginia as well. 66 from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway that will take you an hour and 12 minutes. seeing huge slow downs there. a crash by 29 in gainsville and another one by 50 us a get closer to the beltway. 95 just about 43 trip dale city to the beltway. 3958 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. gw parkway southbound 15 minute ride to the 14th street bridge this morning. there's a look at that crash at 50 on 66 eastbound. you can see dipped down to about 14 miles an hour from that point. 28 in chantilly stop and go traffic. southern of a right near the prince george's county line in the district closed because of a crash at south view drive. 270 southbound you can see those crashes cleared but that delay lingers. red line back to normal. orange safetrack work. there are express shuttles available. back to you. >> harper is zero for three. look out he gets hit and stricklan and now harper will go
8:19 am
he throws his helmet to the ground he starts throwing punches a right to the jaw. left to the jaw from stick land. >> announcer right into boxing motif. >> no word whether bryce will be suspended for the brawl yesterday during the eighth inning of the nats game in san francisco. harper charged the man after getting hit from that fast ball from stricklan. they exchanged punches as the team benches cleared. the hardest hit were the two giant players that ran into each other. coming up right about -- we just missed it. just missed it. first time strickland faced harper since harper hit two homeruns in 2014. both players ejected harper waiting to see if he'll get a suspension. do you think he should be suspended? asking to you weigh in via our twitter poll this morning. so far overwhelmingly people are saying no. no suspension is needed. >> deliberately hit a man you deserve to be -- come on. >> you might one game. shouldn't be more than that. >> yeah. >> happened to machado. we'll see. other big sports
8:20 am
tiger apologizing after his. his dui arrest. >> he insists he was not drinking but a bad mix of prescription of prescription drug. wisconsin dom back now with the latest. >> the mug shot is a contrast to the super star he used to be much he's taking responsibility fornd what. we can learn about the arrest today when arrest report is released but we do know some facts is one of these facts woods was arrested early monday morning near his home in jupiter florida on suspicious of driving under the influence. he was booked and later released op his recognizance in a statement the 41-year-old insists alcohol was not involved instead a tributes it to quote unexpected reaction to prescription pills. woods went on to say he understands the severity of what happened. fans are hoping for the best for the golfer. >> i hope he gets his act together. i feel like everybody makes mistakes. but 3:00 a.m. is not a good place to be
8:21 am
>> recent back surgery that the 14 time major champion had but it is unclear if the pills he took before monday's arrest are relate to do that surgery. now just days ago on his website woods said he hasn't felt better in years. woods has not been seen at a golf tournament since february. that's when he withdrew from a tournament due to back pain. now everybody remembers this in 2009 woods made header headlines when had he private life unraveled over allegations of affairs with multiple women along with an early morning car crash involving his now ex-wife outside of his home. so that's the latest op this tiger woods drama. when the police report is released, we can get some more details about exactly what happened and why they said it was alcohol related and why he's saying it's not. we'll see. >> the bigger question will this sponsors start bailing on him? >> that is huge question. so far in his career he survived the sponsorship and maintained his sponsorships so far. so we'll see. he makes a lot of money. millions on top
8:22 am
from endorsements alone. >> i think the difference this time is because he's not playing any more, he's still tiger -- knot not tiger player. this might be that window of opportunity sponsors might use to say let's dial it back a little bit. >> you're right. we always say as long as you can play, you can and produce and bring in, you can get a way with i was will the different things and get money and recover. when you stop being relevant so to speak or at the top of your game and you're not good as you used to be that's when you start to see things start to happen in the financial areas sponsors start to back off and you start losing things. >> not as much leeway when you're winning majors will whole different ballgame. >> thanks, wis. >> 8:22 is the time. happier sports news. big congratulations to the university of maryland's men's lacrosse team. they are waking up national champions this morning. the team arrived back home last night following their win over ohio state. it's their first championship in 42 years and it comes just one day after the university of maryland women's
8:23 am
won its championship. congratulations. we'll talk with the women's lacrosse coach coming up on good day today. >> i can't wait. >> it will be awesome. >> uninvited visitor takes a dip in a family pool. >> their struggle with the 7-foot gator is all caught on camera. >> get out of my pool. >> we'll show you more of this end count next. ♪ ♪♪ at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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8:26 am
>> i guess better to be in the pool when you're in the in the pool. if it's got to be there. surprise visitor taking a dip in sarasota pool. 7-foot alligator that's what they call the depth pool when they do. they're trying to get him out of the pool. homeowners called police for help who in turn call the florida fish and wildlife conservation to wrangle that gator. they finally removed it. able to relocate the unwanted pool guest. now, tell me you'll be able to get in that pool. >> no. >> drain it all. >> there might be alligator in there. >> or coming to join you. >> no swimming at night. >> definitely when you want to call in the experts. >> just like when he do we it comes to not just the forecast but learning, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it's time to go to school. >> all ears, teach. >> i hope you kids enjoyed your weekend. >> because we're back in class. >> bes
8:27 am
business. >> mostly stalling because i don't have a lesson prepared today. >> oh, no. >> all right. let's do it. sunshine you know whatnot a lot of that today we'll give that big fat c. unfortunately that's what your tee which are got in school. humidity c. we'll still build a little bit today of our cold front. afternoon temps in the 70s give that a b. outdoor lunch today we'll have better days this week for outdoor lunch. that's a c. overall we'll give this great a b. >> because it never actually makes any sense. >> i was going to say how is the aggregate of all that a b. >> summer school for you mau maureen. >> don't ask questions in this class. >> great weather forecasters in history. that's your news assignment good i didn't do anything. >> she doesn't unthe rules. >> oh, man. >> tell him how good he looks when he walks maureen and he'll appreciate it. >> you look amazing, mr. tucker. >> that's all he wanted in life. >> awesome. >> good morning, erin. >> that entire segment was a way for him to keep the walk but in a different form. right now 50 -- 66 eastbound out by 50 big crash scene it's blocking the right lane r
8:28 am
shoulder. huge delays coming up from 234. you need about an hour and 20 extra minutes to get from ga gainsville to the beltway. also, as we take look at the map a lot red and yellow everywhere big delays gloomy, gray commute this morning. we'll have the very latest with your neck look at traffic. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
the perfect summer has a voice. if we listen close enough, we can hear it. it whispers, "one more game, one more swim, one more round..." and it speaks softly through the cool nights, murmuring, "one more log, one more marshmallow, one more walk along the shore." the perfect summer is waiting. the perfect summer is pure michigan. your trip begins at >> back 8:30 now with look at some of today tosses top stories. memorial day a busy one for d.c.
8:31 am
span. police say more than 40 shots were fired in the trucks ton circle neighborhood on q street and first street northwest. no one was injured luckily the shootings happened near deadly mass shooting that happened over the weekend. they don't know if these two incidents are connect. >> one in alexandria calling for peace after racist flyers plasted on cars, trees and utility poles. the flyers filled with eight speech about muslims and african-americans. the city power did he nouned discrimination in all forms calling alexandria a place of kindness and compassion. neighbors are counting the flyers -- counts hate with flyers containing positive messages. a netflix documentary call the keepers spurred baltimore police to do out reach to possible past victims sexual abuse. >> it follows the still unsolved murder of sister kathy a catholic nnun who may have been about to blow the whistle on sexual abuse of students by priest at a baltimore catholic school. >> joining us now with more on the impact and series
8:32 am
becky from snap. >> good morning. >> i'm curious first of all once this story aired because obviously this goes back years and decades, once the story first aired, we had heard people in baltimore police had gotten calls from people who may have been abused over the years just now reaching out. how much have you heard from people either yourself or from folks within your organization whether this chapter or otherwise? >> we've heard from quite a few people. we've seen a lot of reactions particularly on facebook. people are using social media to describe how their feeling. survivors are feeling like this is, you know, it's horrifying to watch. it's bringing up a lot of memories for survivors. myself i'm a survivor. so it was hard to watch. people have been saying don't watch the whole thing at once. i only watched the first three parts then i had to wait awhile because it brings up your memories and that's hard. but also inspiring and encouraging to victims to come
8:33 am
>> there's so many aspects of this documentary. but i think one of the greatest things that baltimore police now putting fresh eyes on the case that spurred this documentary. what are you hearing about what they're doing now perhaps if they had any leads. what are you hearing about the case itself? >> i haven't heard too much about what the baltimore police are doing. i know that i spoke to one of the people featured in the film schenn said she's gettin a lot of calls with people asking a lot of questions. i know the baltimore police said that they have had victims come forward from the past which is encouraging. i'm hoping that, you know, more people come forward and more leads. i'm hoping that this will -- public outcry may force the church to open their records so they will have more information to work from. >> what do you think it is that's having so many people come out now and talk about this or say they were victimized years and years ago when obviously they've had that student for
8:34 am
why so many now? >> i think because, upping, pedophiles groom victims. they scare victims. they threaten victims. it's really really hard to come forward, and many times people repress their memories because if they don't, i know myself i didn't come forward until the age of 48. so when a film like this comes forward and you see other people sharing their stories and sharing their pain, then you're encouraged you think it's okay to talk about. i can share it with someone. maybe that triggers memories that they didn't have before. so then you see a lot of people coming forward and i think that's very good and that's something needs to happen the more this is in the public the more people you'll see coming forward. >> people certainly coming forward wanting answers the baltimore archdiocese responding but the reaction to the response has been mixed. what's your take on what they're saying? >> they're responding but they're not opening their records. i mean these women went on
8:35 am
and transparent. they shared with us their pain, they shared with us their stories. catholic church was half as open and transparent children would be safer. they aren't giving up documents. they're telling us. they're giving us statements. very carefully edited statements. if they want to be truly open and they truly want to help, then open up all the records about this priest. let us know exactly when they her, what they heard. let us look at the records. >> since the keepers came out obviously as we've mention add couple of times here, more people have come forward. but also it's reopened number of wounds. i know you yourself said you had trouble watching it at some points because of some of the memories that it brought back. so as a whole in your opinion a good thing that this is out as documentary or not? >> yes. i think it's a good thing. it is hard to watch. you know, and it does bring up your memories. but, you know, the memories are there, and silence is what makes us ill. and i think when it brings up our memories and we talk to others and i think, too, we
8:36 am
survivors hope that the non survivors will watch this and that they'll be educated they'll understand how much pain is involved in this and they'll understand that this pain lasts for decades, and to us that's validation. >> the keepers certainly shining a light in the place that's been dark for far too long. becky, thank you so much for your input this morning and let's hope that we have some solutions from this very powerful documentary that's airing on netflix. the number there on your screen 877-snap -- if you need that assistance. >> all right. >> switch it up right now get a check of your forecast. tucker standing by with that. >> steve. clouds and drizzle early. temperatures haven't budged a whole lot in the last couple hours. 63 reagan national. few 50s out there in baltimore at bwi marshall 59 degrees. all right. clouds for the first half of the day. we might get a few peeks of sunshine today more clouds than yesterday. as we've got a cold front approaching from the north and west really what we're dealing with our winds tshiffleyed out of the east overnight, and got that maritime layer back here early this
8:37 am
so things will lighten up a little bit. pewee may get sunshine here. this frontal close sorry into portions of west virginia will start to move in late this afternoon really this evening and as it does so we may kick up a few thunderstorms along and ahead of it keep that in mind scatter storms later this afternoon not as warm as yesterday with cloud cover. temps in the 70s. mid to upper 7 70s high. beautiful days were that will they arrive? i'll let you know. >> hi. >> hi. 8:37. traffic is still pretty nasty. crash blocks the right shoulder part of the right lane right passed the truck scales as you come out of gainsville this morning. just past 29. in the backup we'll take look at our maps because we have a second crash by 50 right now about an hour and a half commute from gainsville to the beltway. super jammed um an bit of rubberneck play passed 50 on the westbound side as well. 270 southbound jammed from clarksburg to the beltway. it's going to take i was good hour and 20 minutes to get from clarksburg down to the spur there. so give yourself extra time
8:38 am
outer loop crash blocks the shoulder after 50 been out there for some time and we're sluggish as you make your way from pennsylvania avenue you have up to baltimore washington parkway. northbound gw parkway crash still block the shoulder at spout run delays back to pass national airport a allow for extra time there. southbound gw parkway usual delays from 123 down to the key bridge. heavy traffic everywhere. sluggish, gray, gloomy commute. metro is on type september except for safetrack impacting the orange line but thought shuttles are available. breaking news from southern prince georges county. crews on the scene of a house fire. we're told this is in the 7700 block of surratts road in clinton, maryland. there are reports of a man in a wooded area possibly armed with a shotgun. again house fire but a man possibly armed with a shotgun nearby the home. police are on the scene investigating that and whether it may be related to the fire in fact we have just heard that police have advised firefighters to return to their trucks for their safety. we have a crew on the way to this still developing scene. we'll bring you updates as we get them. house fire out there in clinton
8:39 am
with a gun near the home. police not sure if it's connected but firefighters urged to go back to their truck for safety. keeping an eye on this details as they become available. >> still ahead this morning the scripps national spelling bee officially underway now. we have a preview coming up. >> too much texting. warning from doctors for people who can't seem to put down their phones. ♪ ♪♪
8:40 am
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dome this morning of 8:41 right now. just one of those eh kind of mornings. not the sunshine we had yesterday. check in with tucker in a few minutes and get your forecast. might want to give your smart phone break. too much text cog actually be harming your hands. >> that is right. doctors are calling the issue smart phone thumb. it's focus of on-going mayo clinic study health experts say it's actually tendinitis caused by their repetitive movements of texting. they warn that it can eventually though lead to arthritis in the thumbs. >> as for avoiding it researchers say give your thumbs break. use the voice messages they say daily stretching exercises are with your wrists and fingers can help outfit gets to that point. >> right. >> okay. let's check in with holly and wisdom see what's coming up on a jam pack good good day d.c. good morning. >> worry stretching our thumbs getting them ready. we of course following several developing local stories including racist flyers found in one northern have a have neighbor. how residents are responding this morning. >> also developing in another white house -- another white
8:43 am
works? we'll let you know in the first block of good day at 9a. >> wis, let's do this. roll that good day guest list animation. we have yet another jam packed show coming your way. all right. control room thanks for letting usie it. hollywood heart throb chris pine talks with kevin about stylely in the highly anticipated wonder woman film. >> also gone day we're live with super star rapper ludicrous. chris bridges joins us live to dish on new mtv show fear factor and he'd set the record straight about rumored beef with drake. >> ladies we're also live with two hunks from the popular show nashville. sam, and chris karmack dish about the show's return and how it will look without popular actor britton. >> good day d.c. just a few minutes away. see you then. >> see you indeed. >> in the meantime also still ahead kev joins us once again. what are you working on, kev. >> i'm super excited about ludicrous one of the
8:44 am
hiphop albums of all time. coming up next in the fox beat ariana grande mother and brother took to social media too to speak bout about the manchester tragedy plus chris pine -- chris pratt shares emotional and important message and one i was shocked when i got a huge hug from the wouldn't woman film maker. stay tuned fox5 news morning coming up next.
8:45 am
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introducing the italian collection from subway. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway. breaking news eight cot 46. new information about that story coming in from prince george's county. a
8:47 am
clinton. sources telling fox5 police were first called on the home for reports of a break in. officers got on the scene. blocked off the area around the home they saw smoke coming from the house. then flames. then they saw man run out of the house, carrying a gun and he ran into the nearby woods. so few layers involved in this story. we're continuing to track it we'll bring you updates as we get them that's what happened on surratts road in clinton maryland. >> we'll give you a forecast. that's coming up in ten seconds. clouds mixed with sun today. we are looking at mostly cloudy morning here with, um, you know what, we've had drizzle here for the last couple of hours. storms back in the forecast afternoon. they'll be scattered. not going to be white spread here just scattered storms.
8:48 am
storm in the forecast tomorrow before a beautiful thursday. thursday looks absolutely like the best day of the week. upper 70s low humidity and lots and lots of sunshine. something we have not seen a loft the last couple of weeks. 63 in washington. temps have not budge the last couple of hours. 64 in frederick. 66 in hagerstown. winchester 64 degrees. we're off to mild start. cloud cover overnight not allowing temperatures to fall off a whole lot, but the cloud cover holding thick here early this morning. we're not going to get a loft clearing the next couple of hours. as we get into the late morning early afternoon and with a cold front approaching here from the north and west i think we will get a chance to get a little bit of clearing in fact there's possibility here we could turn for a part of the afternoon here kind of partly sunny and any sunshine we get will encourage some thunderstorms to kick up ahead and along of that frontal system that cold front off to our north and west. so just be on the look out kind of late afternoon early evening for some scattered thunde thunderstorms. best chance will be up no our
8:49 am
we have a higher risk of severe weather. we're under a marginal risk for severe thunderstorms later to today. so that's in the a terribly high risk but i'll throw it out there any way we could see a few strong storms develop if we sunshine in the area. daytime highs here in the 70s later this afternoon future cast, just cloud dough here 3:30 maybe a few sprinkles and showers breaking out and there's the possibility of a few thunderstorms developing future cast wants to bring them in about seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight. but there it is for you. then overnight we should get in clearing and we'll have some sunshine tomorrow. not a perfect day. few more thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. thursday looks fantastic even friday looks good. widely scattered storm on friday we daytime highs in the mid 80s. storms return even showers for the weekend. sunday could be a wet one. okay, guys, that's the latest weather. back to you. >> tucker thanks very much new 8:00 o'clock free transportation being offed next month in baltimore. from june 18th through june 30th the maryland transit administration is offering free bus, light rail and subway ri rides. free rides part
8:50 am
launch of baltimore link which is inter connected transit system so for two weeks get free rides. >> happening right now the national spelling bee is underway at national harbor competition kick off just about short time ago. 8:00 their this morning. the preliminary rounds run throughout the day today. and tomorrow with the big final set for thursday night. among the competitors one speller from d.c. 11 from maryland and 13 from virginia. ♪ time for the fox beat now. kev is back with us. good morning kevin. >> steve and maureen. >> good to see you guys. >> good to see you. >> a lot to get to this morning. serious note ariana grande's mom and brother have both taken to social media to respond and share sense. about the manchester tragedy last week. this is her mother joan grande she said this past week i've spent in reflective thought prayer and deep sorrow i join my daughter and extending my help and services to all those affected by
8:51 am
of terror which occurred in manchester. her brother frankie grande also expressed his sentiments by saying, "my prayers, thoughts, meditations and strength has been focused on families and victims affected by the horrific tragedy in manchester" this is my favorite part of what he is he. i echo my sister's sentiment and say we can't allow hate to propagate hate and fear to propagate fear rather come together and spread a message of love, unity and empowerment. so i think it's awesome they spoke out about it. it was really interesting hearing from her mom. because, again, you mentioned something earlier about, you know, there was so much going on last week you don't think about what the mother -- i mean the whole thing is horrible. >> yeah. >> but also dealing with the fact her daughter was dealing with this tragedy and obviously it's not as bad as losing a child but it's a very terrible situation. >> all around it's just, yeah. >> it's horrible. >> moving on, chris pratt who we all know from guardians of the
8:52 am
krasinski are friends both in london yesterday i believe they're shooting in london i believe pratt shooting jurassic world two but in many a grade video for memorial day the reason we're showing you this today because the video went viral it has 5 million views on instagram alone and this is a message they wanted to say about a particular person who lost their live sacrificing for this country. watch this. >> my hands are shaking what's up? chris pratt here. >> with john krasinski. >> that's right. >> it's memorial day. we happen to both be out here in the uk and celebrating memorial day we did, we knock out hem day work out if you don't know what that is. check it out online. michael murphy a navy seal one of the many in uniform who gave his life for our country. and days -- day like today we just commemorate all those fallen heroes and we say thanks for all you do to make our dreams come true. and we're going -- we
8:53 am
have the shirts. we'll order them now that we fipp initial the work out and rock them and post pictures later. >> now that he western it. >> yeah. >> once you earn the shirt with doing the memorial day murphy -- murph challenge check it out for memorial day. and yeah, peace out. >> all right. that was chris pratt and john krasinski. here's the challenge itself. this is insane. they did -- the reason they're sweat sweating and briefly so heavily 1 mile, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, and 300 air swats and then another mile. >> wow. >> it's amazing. >> it's possible but it would be a long workout. >> hash tag murph challenge see who else did it on social media as well. so wonder woman is hitting theaters this friday the most anticipated film of the summer according to fan dang go and the director has made a feature film since 2003 the film monster which won the charlize theron the academy award i've never met patti jenkins before she started following me on twitter. we've been
8:54 am
of months about the wonder woman trailers. so when i walk in the room, i didn't expect this type of reaction. this is very cool. watch this. >> no way. so good to see you. >> you're awesome by the way. >> how are you doing. >> i can't believe you're here. >> i can't believe you're here. >> i saw your twitter last ni night. >> i know. >> i was so psyched about it i wanted to retweet it. you can be the first retweets but yours was especially significant to me. >> i'm so happy. >> i want -- don't just retweet good reviews all day long. >> i meant what i said. >> thank you. >> i thought twaite nominal. that was amazing. >> good. >> they're rapping me up. it was awesome to see you by the way. >> i'm excited to meet you. >> that was crazy. i was like freaking out. >> where were you last night. >> that interview happened two weeks ago. or week ago. >> okay. facebook page if you wo see it. >> kevin mccarthy fox. but we had great discussion about film versus digital film making behind the movie you have to understand how big of a deal this film is. so much so that the
8:55 am
house is doing women only screenings which is really cool. these are some of the reactions they're getting from people. people are -- men specifically are very upset about this. isn't this kind of inherently sexist not to mention the fact that legality is questionable given the simple rights act? so they're getting a lot of these hate tweets so the best thing they did, they zen this tweet out after all the hate tweets saying, we've heard your complaints and have taken swift and decisive action another women only wonder woman screening is on sale now. >> take that. >> the best thing -- i not sure what that is. >> that's fan of the day. one of the best things i've seen so far is the,, when they -- when guy buys ticket they'll tweet alamo graft house thanks for your money bakely you're not getting in but thanks for giving us the money for the screening. tweet us your thoughts. i'm curious what people think. i think it's awesome they're doing women only. >> some guy tweeted them if you did
8:56 am
guys. >> it's not the same thing. >> lighten up. >> this is a big deal. >> see what patti jenkins had to say about the film how much she loves you. >> just how much she loves me. that was the whole interview. >> i assume that. >> i flew all the way out there. >> mutual admiration. >> to la just for that moment. >> we'll have more coming up this week. >> thanks kevin. >> thanks guys. you saw her earlier bringing her back time to say good morning our facebook fan of the day this is tyler thompson. come on let's put up the picture nominate beside her mother audre. >> beautiful photo. >> she's gorgeous. >> ♪ >> tyler graduated thursday from towson and watching fox5 for a very long time. she to hear from tucker do we. we'll check in with him right after the break. ♪
8:57 am
all right. tuck is back. >> let's do it. cloud cover, drizzle 63 right now. chance for thunderstorms this afternoon. quick look -- a i'll talking quickly. yes i am of the quick look at the satellite and cloud cover out and there cold front will bring us possibility of a few thunderstorms later today. there's your seven day. 77 today. more sunshine by wednesday and thursday. >> okay. all right. good day d.c. coming up 9:00 and 10:00. see you next.
8:58 am
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ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead a staff shake up. director of communications stepping down after just three months. meanwhile the president himself stepping up to the plate to defense his son-in-law. we'll have the latest from inside the white house. rock bottom another chapter in tiger woods public down fall over the memorial day week em. one-time golf great suspected for us inspected dui early monday morning. now he says alcohol had nothing to do with his arrest. we'll have the very latest. and harper will go out. and now he got beef and this is a good one, folks. >> and later, helmets, fists and hair flying during yesterday's nations/


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